Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty... Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...


'Night Watch' by Terry Pratchett. One of Terry Pratchett's knacks (he has several) is the ability to take an essentially serious theme and mine it for countless funny bits, but never losing sight of the larger themes that lurk behind his wry tales. If you are a Discworld fan, you will enjoy this eBook. Moreover, if you are not a Discworld fan, what is keeping you?
'The Catswold Portal' by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. I found this eBook to be exceptionally original. As a reader of Sci-Fi Fantasy for over 25 years I can say that this one is a keeper.. (I have just finished it for a 3rd time) Murphy's descriptions allow the reader to have vivid pictures of the characters and the places. Catswold Portal is a wonderful eBook for both fantasy lovers and cat lovers alike. The main character is a female named Melissa with the power to change into a cat. As the story progresses, Melissa must work to face her fears, find her loves, and live her dreams. Get the Coupon Code below to receive a Discount on these two eBook Titles.

Night Watch eBook edition by Pratchett, Terry
One moment, Sir Sam Vimes is in his old patrolman form, chasing a sweet-talking psychopath across the rooftops of Ankh-Morpork. The next, he's lying naked in the street, having been sent back thirty years courtesy of a group of time-manipulating
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Catswold Portal, The eBook edition by Murphy, Shirley Rousseau
A striking new reissue of an epic fantasy by popular Harper author Shirley Rousseau Murphy, featuring a princess's dangerous quest to reclaim her throne...and, of course, cats! There is a door in an artist's garden: an elaborate carved passageway into a realm ruled by a dark sorceress queen. There entities strange and wondrous roam the Netherworld––yet none as astonishing as the shape–shifting Catswold..
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